Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

You are purchasing a new two or three bedroom home on a freehold title in Northern Glen Innes. The shared driveway and walkway will be protected under easements across each property accordingly.  Details of the plans and outline specifications are available on this website, with further information available from your preferred real estate agent (refer contacts page here).

How many residential units are there?

There are 15 homes across two blocks at Parkside with Lot/land sizes ranging between 110m2 and 259m2, as shown on the site plan.  Lots 1-8 are two bedroom homes with floor areas ranging between 115-130m2, and Lots 9-15 are three bedroom homes with floor areas ranging between 144-147m2.  Refer to floor plans for actual floor areas and layouts here.

Who is the Developer and Architect?

The Developer is Creating Communities limited, representing some of Auckland’s most respected and established developers, being Arcus Property Limited, Hopper Developments, Southside Group, and Dryden Properties.  Refer www.creatingcommunities.co.nz for more information.  The Architectural team comprises Construkt (concept) and Ashton Mitchell (detailed design), both leading New Zealand architecture firms.

When will construction be completed?

Construction is complete and the properties are available for viewing. To view a property contact your preferred real estate agent from those listed on the Contact tab of this website here.

Are the residences wired for telephone, internet?

All homes will be wired for telephone and high speed internet.  Owners and residents are free to choose their own selected service providers for television, telephone and internet which will need to be arranged by residents in the usual manner.

Will there be any group set up to protect my rights in this multi home development?

Yes, an incorporated society will be established between the owners, with it being compulsory that all owners are members.  A committee will be formed, and an independent person/organisation will be appointed as the Secretary, who will administer the business of the Society.  The real estate agents can provide you with a copy of the proposed Society Rules for review – click here for more details

Will there be any annual levies or fees payable by the owners?

Yes, an annual levy will be payable each year by owners to cover costs such as common lighting to the driveway and central walkway, maintenance of the shared landscaping, and costs for the incorporated society Secretary.  The levy will be kept as low as possible to simply cover the essentials.  A copy of the budgeted levy for the first year is available from the real estate agents – click here for more details.

Can the price increase from what is agreed?

No.  The price agreed at the time of signing a Sale and Purchase Agreement is the contractual price and will not change.

Does the price include GST?

Yes, GST is included in the price for all homes.  The GST for residential sales is a cost to the Developer.

Are the windows double glazed?

Yes, external windows will be double glazed aluminium.

Are the homes sound-proof?

Concrete walls plus insulation will be installed between adjoining homes, all in accordance with acoustic standards as required by the Building Code and the Council’s consent conditions.

How do I purchase one of the homes?

Contact your preferred real estate agent from those listed on the Contact tab of this website here.

How will I be kept informed of the progress once I have purchased?

If requested, the Developer will be more than willing to provide regular updates to any Purchaser, either direct by agreement, or via the real estate agent.